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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tablet Cover Tutorial

My mother in law got a tablet for Christmas and needed a cover.  So I scoured Pinterest and found a great tutorial from Sew So Easy  that I was able to convert to fit her tablet. 

Now.. Two very important things I learned...

1) Machine quilting is a pain in the butt-as you can see, my lines are very crooked.  

2) I HATE BINDING. Hate it. Absolutely and completely HATE IT.  But unfortunately, I have a ton of it to use so I'm finding projects to use it for... Perfect. :D Minus my sanity lol. 

The tutorial called for quilted material... Well... That's funny... No money, small town.. So I made my own. WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I JUST USE COTTON!??!  But it was a learning experience.  Yes, let's call it that. 

So I went through my fabric stash and found fabric, cotton for the inside (old t-shirt), cotton for the outside (old t-shirt) and padding (old sweatshirt-and I mean OLD-this sucker was new in '90s). 

And I started measuring and cutting... With the help of my goons, of course.  Oh...another thing I failed to realize.. The pretty fabric was part lycra.. grrrr... 

So, mom's tablet measures 10.5 x 7 inches.. So I followed the instructions on the tutorial and added for seam allowance.  I cut (roughly, because I had no idea how much the quilting part would scrunch it up, so I wanted extra, then planned to trim when I got it quilted).  8.5 inches wide by 26 inches long.  All three pieces, pinned together then quilted.  

As you can see, it's pieced together a bit, since I was using scraps-and my old clothes, they simply weren't long enough for one continuous piece. 

After my quilting adventure, I trimmed so all the sides were even and added the bias tape-picked by the kids, of course! Then about three inches down on one end, I cut the curve-which didn't turn out even, but that's ok! 

Then added the bias tape... Really, REALLY wish I knew how to work the foot on my sewing machine to make the bias tape go on, but I don't... So I pinned the inside, sewed, then folded over and sewed the outside part.  

You put the tape on the curve end first.. Then on the straight edge that's at the bottom.. Fold it up in half so that the top of the pocket is even with the bottom of the curve (the flap).  Pin on your bias tape and sew..  

After adding a button, snap or your choice of enclosure, you are done.   Mom brought it back for a snap... Because snaps are easy, and Eva picked out a bright yellow snap-despite protests that it should be purple-but grandma didn't care.  

Even with the quilting, it was an easy project.. and if I had had the prequilted material, it would have easily been done within an hour.


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