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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Transformers Birthday Cake

At our house, I usually make the birthday cakes.  The kids get to choose the color of icing and the character they want on it.

Our middle girl turned 4 this past Sunday, she picked Transformers.  I knew that cartoon would come back to bite me in the butt. 

So I scoured and looked and tried to figure out HOW I was going to a Transformers cake... I couldn't find anything so I figured we would just get a cake topper from Amazon when we ordered her present... We forgot-which ended up fine because her present was late anyway.. 

So I scoured and looked on Pinterest. I'm not an artist.... Then, two days before I made the cake, a light bulb turned on.  So I started looking some more for how to transfer an image.  I found a few great links (here and here), after discovering I did not have the right ingredients to make the decorating gel, I went with the second link as I had everything to make butter cream icing.  

I found a black and white coloring page of the Transformers symbol, printed it off.  Put it on a plate, put wax paper over and proceeded to outline with my buttercream.  Froze it for 15-20 minutes while i decorated the rest of the cake, minus the top.  Then came the interesting part... While it didn't flip great, enough went onto the cake for me to able to freehand, then I did the rest of the top. 

The biggest part-she recognized it.  :D Better than other character cakes I've attempted.   

Sorry I didn't get any pictures during the process, I was trying to hurry as Eva refused to nap and hubby was trying to keep her occupied in the other room so it was a surprise.  

On other notes... Kmarts are being closed, so watch the news and maybe you can get some good bargains! 


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