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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ads are out!! Shopping Trip for June 5

Why do I get so excited when ads come out versus the actual day? I DREAD shopping day... 

We are doing things a little different for a few months-going to shop every two weeks. 

We are also looking into getting a Costco membership-they are campaigning (for lack of a better word) at my husband's work today,so maybe they are going to offer a discount. I have to wait another month because car tags were due this month. 

A family discount we seem to forget about is that offered through his job. There are a ton of local businesses that will give employees of companies discounts, all you have to do is show your employee id. Check with your employer to see if that's an option. I also remembered my parent's insurance had the same type of benefit because of the plan they were on.

I started off my ad search this morning finding a truck load sale at Sunshine Foods. YAY! I like those!
Sunshine Truck Load Sale
Sunshine 4 Day Sale
Sunshine Weekly Ad

Then on to HyVee-make sure you find the HyVee you are going to before looking at the ad as the sales vary.
HyVee Weekly Ad

Fareway didn't have anything I was interested  in this week, but here is the link.

However, I am adding Walmart-but only because I need air conditioner freeon for the van. So I might as well check out food sales while I'm there.

Happy Ad Hunting!!!

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