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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cherries Cherries Cherries!!!

I think I have mentioned before that we order from a Fruit of the Month Club. 

Well, technically my mother-in-law is the member, so we give her the money and then sometimes take her to get the fruit. 

This month the fruit was cherries. We got 12 1/2 pounds of fresh picked cherries.  We picked them up Sunday after church and I was in a hurry to get them taken care of so they didn't mold on us and didn't get a picture. 

I scrubbed the sink then soaked them all in a vinegar and water solution, about 1 cup vinegar to a half a sink full of water.  I let them all soak for about ten minutes, then started working on them. I read somewhere that they remain juicier when they are frozen whole (that, and I had a grumpy baby so was just trying to get them done).  

I froze ten pounds of destemmed cherries in one pound increments in freezer bags, labeled, of course. The rest was destemmed and stuck in a bucket lined with paper towels with paper towels in about three layers throughout the bucket to catch water drips to keep moisture out.. I need to redo this today to help keep moisture away. This method worked with the strawberries we got and I was able to keep fresh strawberries in the fridge for a week and a half. The vinegar soak kills bacteria any fruit fly eggs that might be lingering on the fruit. 

The kids have been enjoying them-although Eva is very unhappy to find that her shares are limited as she has an allergy to beta carotene.  

Now what I'm going to do with those cherries still remains to be seen. I know I'm saving some for cherry pies when it gets colder out. 

Also on the menu is mulberries, we have at least two known mulberry trees in the yard, one we are pretty sure is a mulberry, but not positive. My husband is not sure about this, but I plan on winning him over. :) 

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